New Auto Dippers - New & Improved! Stronger & Lighter!


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30" x 30" Recreational Auto Dipper w/ Clam Bag Attachment & Side Extensions
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Side extensions are 13" wide and weigh 9 lbs for a set.

Reg Price: $1209.00
Sale Price: $999.00

Auto Dipper w/ Extensions and SS Clam Bag Attachment
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The basket is Tig welded and made out of aluminum. The built in side extension is 18" on the long side tapering down to 11" on the bottom corner of the baskets. The basket is 30" x 30" x 7 1/2" wide. The dipper bag is 42" long.This dipper comes standard with item CBA (SS Clam Bag Attachment) attached. Total weight of basket and net is about 34 lbs. The dipper comes complete with pole, brackets, hardware and winch). Everything is included for a complete dipper.

Reg Price: $1499.00
Sale Price: $1199.00


30" x 30" Recreational Auto Dipper Side Extensions - Set of 2
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Side extensions are 13" wide and weigh 9 lbs for a set.


Clam Bag Attachment

The clam bag attachment is the best all purpose design that works great for every type of crab line, including tie direct bait, snood lines and clam bags. The design allows your crab line to ride smoothly over the large dia SS pipe, and thru the SS ramp supporting the crab line. This design is proven and has been used by commercial crabbers for years. This design allows the line to run smoothly over the basket without the crab line jerking. This attachment is designed with a crab line guide which allows you to guide your crab line into the SS ramp just by running the SS guide into the crab line. The roller assy and the razor clam attachment are interchangeable and will fit on both dipper baskets made by Captain Bruce. The TIG welded stainless steel clam bag attachment is bolted to the top of dipper baskets for easy removal The total weight for the SS clam bag attachment is 21 lbs.


Auto Dipper Brackets - Set of 2 (Item #164)

Now you can go in half with your crabbing buddy on an auto dipper and use it on as many boats as you want. Just order and install brackets (complete with SS mounting hardware) in other boats and lift the auto dipper and pole and just slide it into the brackets in your buddy's boat.


Replacement Stealth Dipper Bag (Item #SDBAG)

Crabs see the old fashion white bags coming and drop off your line before you can catch them. Catch more crabs by using the new Stealth Dipper Bag because the crabs can't see the dipper coming. 30" W x 30" H x 48" L. Weighs 4 lb. For custom orders, contact Contact Bruce with request.