About Captain Bruce

Captain Bruce Shroyer is a certified by the US Coastguard Captain and also a commercial crabber with over 40 years experience crabbing the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. He is one of the very few commercial crabbers who uses stackable crab traps to catch crabs. Captain Bruce has been making stackable traps for over 15 years. He continuously uses the knowledge he gains by using his traps out on the water to improve the design and operation of the traps. This allows you, the recreational crabber to have a worry-free and productive crabbing experience. He has owned and operated Captain Bruce's Crabbing Supplies since 2008.


785 Howery Lane, North East, MD

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Need crabbing supplies? Read below for local pick-up or UPS shipment.

Crab Barn Hours
We do not have regular store hours because Captain Bruce's Crabbing Barn is not a store! We are an Internet warehouse (located at 785 Howery Lane, North East, MD) where customers can order crabbing gear through this website for local pick-up.

If you need crabbing gear, email or text Captain Bruce at 443-693-2438 and let him know what you are looking for (item numbers are best) and when you want to come to the Crabbing Barn to pick up your order, or you can order directly on the website and Captain Bruce will ship your order UPS.