All pre-paid orders must be placed before the days below and will be confirmed via text or email. For same day order pick-up, click here.

You can also order crabbing supplies on the website and pick up at the Crabbing Barn when you pick up your crab bait.

Pick-up Days

Tues, Wed, Thurs: Order must be placed no later than the Sunday before pick-up date (or anytime before).

Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon: Order must be placed no later than the Wednesday before your pick-up date (or anytime before).

Pick-Up Time

Your confirmed order will be available for pick-up until 12 midnight on the pick-up day that you requested. If you fail to pick-up your crab bait order on your pick-up day by 12 midnight of the day requested, your order will be cancelled and NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason.


NOTE: Razor clams are really hard to get this year and the price has almost doubled from last years price. Clammers have raised their prices for the second time this year.)
Avail June-Oct 1. Captain Bruce orders clams on Tuesdays and Fridays to ensure that they are fresh and alive. Razor clams cannot be shipped because they work best alive. (Are razor clams worth the money? Find out here.) Now for sale by the bushel.

5 LBS: $20.00
Avg 125 razor clams per bag depending on size of razor clams)

1/2 BUSHEL: $45.00
(Avg 650 razor clams per bag depending on size of razor clams)

BUSHEL: $90.00

Fowl necks are chicken necks that come from mature chickens and are a little larger, meatier, and last longer than standard chicken necks.

(approx 90 necks): $10.00

40 LBS BOX - FROZEN: $40.00

Confirm Order

Text Captain Bruce at 443-693-2438 before you come out to pick up your order. Let him know if you've ordered any additional gear that you would like to have ready for pick-up with your crab bait.


Pick-up your order at the Crabbing Barn (785 Howery Lane, North East, MD 21901) on the confirmed date and time.