See video of Captain Bruce's Auto Dippers in Action.

Almost a crab on every bait. My customer Steve purchased an auto dipper last year and was catching over a bushel per run on a 2,000' line. The dipper paid for itself that first month!

Recreational Auto Dipper

Made for the recreational crabber who would like to use a auto dipper. Designed by Captain Bruce using the proven auto dipper system to catch crabs, but is less expensive and has less weight than the commercial auto dippers. This design allows you to mount on either side of your boat just by flipping the ramp around (180 degrees) and pulling the catch bag inside out.

Commercial Auto Dipper

Made for the serious commercial crabber who makes his living on the water and wants to become more efficient in catching more crabs than by hand dipping. Designed by Captain Bruce, the commercial dipper has a aluminum cage to help funnel the crabs into the net.

Both types of systems are attached to the same arms which make them interchangeable with both models.

All Aluminum TIG Welded Frame That Can’t Rust

Captain Bruce’s Aluminum Auto Dipper Guarantee: Aluminum Dippers have been given a bad rap because of the difficulty of welding aluminum. Most auto dipper makers try to (stick weld) their own aluminum and then wonder why they don’t hold up? The stick weld becomes brittle and breaks after a year or two. That’s exactly why Captain Bruce contracted with a welding company that specializes in the TIG welding of aluminum to fabricate his dippers (instead of trying to weld it himself). TIG welding melts and fuses the aluminum together to make a much stronger and longer lasting weld. All auto dippers come as complete kits and include:

  • Pole (with base and side brackets)
  • Arm (that connects the pole to the basket or frame)
  • Basket or frame with custom made net attached
  • High speed hand winch or 12 Volt Winch(
  • # 2 brass snaps and #8 line to connect from the front cleat of your boat to the inside arm of your dipper to prevent the basket from swinging away from the boat begins to move forward by the water pressure

Basket Swing Radius

The basket swing radius (with the basket cranked all the way up, from the further estimated point of the basket to the pole) is 60" (with the arm engaged all the way in the pole or 65" when the two flat bars ends of the arm are flush with the outside edge of the pole).