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Snood/Trotline – Stealth

The secret is finally out! Want to catch more crabs? Go Stealth!

Every commercial crabber who owns a "Stealth" snood line says that their Stealth line quickly becomes there favorite because it flat out catches more crabs than any white lines they own. Every crabber has a different opinion on why their Stealth line catches more crabs. Some think that's its because its a little harder to see than the white line and the crabs can't see it either so they are more comfortable eating the bait, so they don't drop off and stay on longer so you bring more crabs to the surface. Others say its because the Stealth line is a sinking line and its always lays on the bottom of the river without added weight where the crabs are feeding. But either way, it catches crabs! The big secret that the commercial crabbers don't want the recreational crabbers to know is that Stealth snooded crab lines (baited with razor clams) is the ticket for catching more crabs.

Click here to read about line quality and for a snood/trotline comparison chart.


150' Stealth Trotlines (Legal in NJ)


300' Stealth Trotlines (Legal in VA)


600' Stealth Trotlines


1200' Stealth Trotlines