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Clam Bags

4 types of bait bag material: Standard Mesh, Standard Chesapeake Bay Green, Fine Mesh & Standard Stealth

Now you are no longer forced to use chicken necks, eels or bull lips to bait your trotline. Now you can use razor clams, alewife or even white perch, just by putting any bait you want to use in your clam bag and attaching the clam bag to your snood line.

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Standard Mesh

(Item 230)


Orange mesh size approx 1/4-3/8"); most commercial crabbers use this type

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Fine Mesh

(Item 190)


Orange fine mesh size approx 1/8"; commercial crabbers from southern MD use these bags where skates are a problem tearing up their crab line, clams last longer because the mesh is smaller

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Stealth Standard Mesh

(Item 180)


Black mesh size approx 1/4-3/8"; the new secret weapon of commercial crabbers, they say that the stealth catch more crabs than the orange

Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Chesapeake Bay Green Standard Mesh

(Item 189)

The hottest color on the Market for Clam Bags. This new color allows the clam bag to almost disappear  as they enters the water, maybe this is why commercial crabbers say that Chesapeake Bay Green is the hottest color on the market and will out catch every other color!