#8 Solid Braid Trotline 600′ with 3/16″ Snoods, 4′ Spacing

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This 1/4″ stealth sinking line is more user friendly than #6 line. This is the best crab line on the market! Made with ez open snoods that have two knots on them so your bait doesn’t fall off. This snoodline is the favorite of recreational crabbers because it stays soft, it’s easy on the hands when you pull it in, it coils neatly in a basket and, if it gets a knot all you have to do is shake it out. The 3/16 snoods are the best snood for using bait bags. They can be used with chicken necks as well as a bunch of other crabbing bait. Comes with a #2 brass clip on each end. Comes with snoods every 4ft to maximize your 600ft trotline.