12″ Steel Port Side Winder with Extended Chute


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This winder is designed to be used on the Starboard (right) or Port (left) side of your boat. The trotline discharges on the left side (facing toward the front) of the winder toward the center of your boat (see pic 2).

This winder comes totally enclosed with a flip top lid to prevent the mud and dirt from slinging all over your boat. This 12″ winder works great with any type of lines (tied direct, snoods and clam bags). It has a powerful 1/2 HP 12 volt motor, stainless steel backup sheaves, 12″ replaceable liners, and a stainless steel knife. It also comes with 10′ of #10 marine grade power cord with 60 amp fuse protection. It has a 12 volt mounted switch and an extra-large splash guard; a foot mounted base with a 48″ extension pipe with foot bracket and side mount included. This Winder works the best when you wire it to your boat battery that your boat motor’s alternators are charging because an alternator produces 14 volts compared to 11-12 volts of a stand-alone battery. The 14 volt power produces more speed and torque than the 12 volt stand-alone battery. All of these standard features is why this winder is the best winder on the market for the money… period! Other upgraded features can be purchased below. Weighs 68 lbs. Comes with a full first season warranty: If a problem develops with normal use within your first season after purchase, bring it to the Crab Barn and Captain Bruce will repair it free of charge (operator negligence is not included in warranty). Customer is responsible to pick up or arrange shipping after repair.

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