Removable Prop Stick (Fixed – Non adjustable, non rotating) w/ Item #149 Base

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New and improved! Removable prop sticks are designed by Captain Bruce and can be used on any boat mounted. This prop stick can be customized for your boat. To mount your prop stick, all you have to do is just drill two 1/4″ holes on the top of the side of your boat and mount the base, Then screw the prop stick into the base mount ,and when you are finished crabbing just unscrew the prop stick and leave the base for the next trip, Made out of 1 1/2″ PVC pipe overall length is 32″ (6″ between “field goals,” 24″ from inside of base to center of “field goal” to allow plenty of room for dipping). Easily modified for any boat by cutting the PVC pipe and gluing a 1 1/2″ coupling with a correct size piece of 1 1/2 PVC pipe. Bases sold separately (uses item #149 and #169 bases). Total weight 9 lbs.