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Razor Clam Snood Line – White

For recreational and commercial crabbers!

Captain Bruce has been making custom made clam bag snood lines for commercial crabbers for years. Now he is offering these same lines for the recreational crabber. Every snooded clam line is made using "sinking line," 3/16" snoods with 10' spacing* and swivel brass snaps on each end, and includes heavy duty clam bags for each line. Now you can use razor clams or any bait you want to catch crabs. Just chunk up the bait of choice and put it in the bait bag and attach the open end of the bag in the snood on the snood line and put it tight. The crabs will eat the bait through the mesh bag.

*Razor clam baits are spaced 10' apart because that spacing produces more scent and disperses the scent attracting crabs from further distances than other baits. We also use 2-3 razor clams per bag to limit the amount of weight attached to the snood line because if the weight of the bait is too heavy, it will affect the way the line performs.

Read about my razor clam bait vs. chicken bait test here.


#6 w/ 3/16" Snoods, Bait Bags

3/16" snoods attached, 10' spacing
200 clam bags
Item #500CL

1/4" Diameter w/ 3/16" Snoods, Bait Bags

150' - Legal in NJ
25 snoods attached, 6' spacing
25 bait bags
Item #168CL

50 snoods attached, 6' spacing
50 bait bags
Item #156CL

60 snoods attached, 10' spacing
60 bait bags
Item #356CL

120 snoods attached, 10' spacing
120 bait bags
Item #364CL

1/4" Diameter 3 Strand Twisted Soft Lay Sinking Crab Line W/ 3/16" Snoods, Clam Bags

600' w/ 10' spacing
3/16" snoods
60 clam bags
Item #505CL

1200' w/ 10' spacing
3/16" snoods
120 clam bags
Item #506CL